About Me

Thank you for visiting Solving the Mystery of Murder, where I read and review mystery fiction.

My facination with detective fiction goes as far back as my childhood, when I was enamored by animated incarnations of Sherlock Holmes in the Alvin and the Chipmunks episode “Elementary, My Dear Simon” and Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, as well as my first great love, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?. However, it was reading A Study in Scarlet and The Mysterious Affair at Styles my freshman year of high school, as well as video game series like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Professor Layton, that finally set me down the path of the passionate literary sleuth.

My sister passion to Golden Age Mysteries so-called “Grandest Game in the World” of impossible crimes and locked room mysteries. Murders which occur under circumstances in which there’s simply no way for the crime to have been committed — and yet, by the end of the novel, the feature detective will explain how a killer has been deceiving you all along!

I also study Japanese in hopes of reading and translating foreign crime fiction, and am an as-of-yet unpublished hobbyist writer of impossible crimes and Golden Age-styled mysteries.